Call for Submissions

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Very pleased to announce a new project from Radical Networks, the Quarterly! Each Quarterly Issue will focus on a different region of the world or particularly under-served, under-represented, overlooked, and marginalized communities. We are looking for people to interview, projects to highlight/profile, DIY tutorials to feature, and for guest contributions.

Our first release, schedule for May 1, 2021, will focus on LATIN AMERICA. The publication will exist both online as a website, digital download (PDF), and in a printed format. We may also release content in other formats - we are open to ideas and experimentation.

The deadline for print ready submissions is March 22, 2021.

We also greatly encourage your suggestions for people or projects we can research, familiarize ourselves with, and potentially get in touch with to interview or feature this May.

The deadline for submitting suggestions is February 22, 2021.

Send your submissions to To send us a secure email, our public key can be found here

What are we about:

Over the last two decades, the internet has become the glue that connects the personal, professional and social aspects of our lives. However, governments, military, commercial interests, and policing have shifted the internet and World Wide Web from being a free, decentralized global space to one of commodification and surveillance of personal data and activities, perpetuation of everyday and systematic modes of oppression, bias, and divided access and control.

Radical Networks invites the community to envision, learn, engage, and share work around the current state and health of the internet and the future of digital networks and the open web. It is a forum for people who are curious about what drives these technologies that we are all dependent on and what is the creative potential, vulnerabilities, and opportunities to create with these technologies and take ownership back.

Some possible submission topics include:

  • Indigenous technology
  • Holistic security and healing technology
  • Disability justice in Networks and Crip technoscience
  • Climate justice, resilience, and environmental impact of networks and data infrastructures
  • Digital literacy and education around networks, internet, radio and digital stewardship
  • Control and ownership of networks
  • Local networks for community
  • Networks for movement activism or journalism
  • Network security and safety for daily life, survival, or informal economies
  • Censorship, Surveillance, and Policing
  • Radio and broadcast for community or activism
  • Bringing connectivity to rural or urban areas
  • Experimental social networks and platform cooperativism
  • Speculative networks
  • Ethical hacking
  • Digital security

Your information and privacy

We will use information only for the process of selection submissions. All submissions will be kept private. To send us a secure email, our public key can be found here.


Space and time are limited. Sadly, this means we can only accept a finite number of submissions. Given the breadth of topics we hope to feature in our Quarterly, we will choose submissions based upon the overall diversity and volume brought to our attention. Participants will be selected by the editorial team.


The Quarterly project is unfunded and not financially connected to the Radical Networks conference, so submissions are not paid at this time. Chosen works will be provided with 10 copies of the printed work free of charge & all applicants will be sent a free copy of the final product. The only paid position is a designer for each issue, who will be from the region or group that is the focus. To suggest or apply us for the design position, please use the contact email

The final print run of each issue is to be distributed as a resource to hackspaces & projects/groups worldwide -free of charge- so as to facilitate more connections between likeminded projects, people and organizations and to aid in the goal of giving us all more control over our networks, data, and communication. We hope that by doing this Quarterly resource outside the market/profit structure, it can help those featured connect with more people worldwide, that more people have access to the information that leads to autonomy, and that more resilient networks are created in the process.

Special thanks to Diana Arce (White Guilt Clean Up) for advice. Reach her at and